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Monster Farm is a monster taming game inspired by Pokemon that also features light farming elements. Developed as a final project for an advanced game programming class, the prototype of Monster Farm contains implementations for all of its key gameplay mechanics. In the future, I plan on expanding this prototype into a short playable demo, which would include an improvement in visuals, adding polish, and a farming system with more depth.


Monster Raising

The core gameplay loop of Monster Farm is to train your monsters, fight your rival to unlock more monster seeds, and then grow more monsters. To support Monster Farm's intended gameplay experience, I implemented several systems that worked together to create a solid foundation.

Monster Plants:

  • Players grow monsters from seeds, which they can grow on their farm
  • When a monster plant grows, the monster moves to storage so the player can add it to their team
  • Offers a unique method of monster acquisition by integrating farming game mechanics

Stat-Boosting Fruits:

  • Different fruits boost HP, attack, defense, and speed stats
  • Lets players invest time and effort into their favorite monsters

Monster Variety:

  • Monsters are based off of plants to fit with the farming theme
  • Each monster type has different base stats, for example: tomatoad (in the middle of the picture below) is a tank with higher than average HP and defense

Monster Battling

Monster Farm's prototype features four different battles against the player's rival, each of which offer a different opposing boss monster to fight. Like Pokemon, Monster Farm has a type system where certain types do more damage against others. Stats such as attack and defense also affect the amount of damage a monster receives from a move.